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What personal information about you will we collect?

When you fill out any application form or apply for a product from us, you'll provide us with personal information about you.  If we provide you with the product that you've applied for, then during our relationship you might give us other personal information too (to help us carry out your instructions, or manage your account with us, for example).  You might also give us personal information if you enter into a competition that we run, complete an online survey for us or if you want to contact us for more information.

We'll hold and use all this information for the purposes and in the ways described in this document. 

As well as any information that you give us directly in this way, you agree that we can:

  • ask for information about your personal finances from credit reporting agencies,  your current and previous employers, and any other person (including any bank or lender you've dealt with in the past, or have applied for a loan or card from), 
  • check your personal information (such as your address) against records held by government agencies (such as New Zealand Transport Agency), or get information about you (such as a Driver Licence confirmation) from government agencies, and 
  • record any telephone calls between us and record your use of any online self-service portals (including email, webchat and online self-service portal secure mail communications) for training or security purposes, or to use as evidence.  


What if you don't want to give us some information that we've asked for?

Tell us if you don't want to provide any information asked for in any of our forms or over the phone.  If you don't give all the information, it might mean that we won't provide you with the products you're applying for.  But we might be able to provide some of them, so talk to us.


We'll look after your information

We'll make sure that any personal information that we hold about you is kept securely.  It may be stored physically or electronically (in New Zealand or overseas) by us, or by another member of the Diners Club International network or by another member of The Warehouse Group, or by someone else (they'll be required to hold it on a confidential basis).  

We'll comply with our obligations under privacy laws (including the Privacy Act 1993).  We'll also take reasonable steps to make sure your information is accurate (though this does depend on you telling us about any changes that might mean that the information we've got is out of date – see the Contact Us section of our website for the best ways to get in touch).  You have the right to check the information we've got about you is right – see below.

We won't give your personal information to anyone else, except in the circumstances described in this policy, or with your agreement.  But keep in mind that this policy is general - the terms and conditions that apply to our products might set out some other ways we can use your information, or people that we can give it to, that are particular to the product.  For example, the way we use information about family members who are given a credit card to access a main cardholder's account is a bit different.  So make sure you read the terms applying to your specific product too.


What might we use your information for?

You agree that we can use personal information about you to do the following things:

  • decide whether you're a suitable person to receive the product you're applying for (for example, whether we think you'll be able to make payments to us without coming under too much financial pressure, given your income and other expenses).  
  • open an account in your name with us (if we approve your application), and manage and run the account, 
  • approve any transactions that you've made on your account (if you get a credit card with us, for example),
  • monitor your account for fraud or criminal activity,
  • decide whether to change any credit limit that applies to your product,
  • decide whether to give you any other Warehouse Money cards, loans or insurances, if you apply for them,
  • let you know about The Warehouse Group's products or promotions, via text messages, emails, an on-line facility, telephone or post.  (If you ask us not to give you this information, we'll stop),
  • provide other services to you and manage your relationship with us,
  • help us to run and develop The Warehouse Group’s business,
  • meet our obligations and those of other members of The Warehouse Group, under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009, and
  • conduct market research and statistical analysis.


Who can we give your personal information to?

You agree that we can give your information to:

  • other members of The Warehouse Group and of the Diners Club International network worldwide (who would hold it on a confidential basis), 
  • our agents and other people who provide us with services,
  • reputable market research organisations (you won't need to take part in any market research if you don't want to, and you can tell us if you don't want your details given out for this purpose), 
  • Club Rewards partners,
  • credit reporting agencies (see below for more information about these agencies and what they might do with your information), 
  • debt collection agencies and law firms,
  • anyone that we transfer our rights and obligations in connection with your product to, or that we're considering transferring them to, and
  • anyone else that we need to contact so that we can carry out your instructions (such as someone that you've set up a payment to).

You agree that we can also give any Clubmember information about their own card, under the Card Account


Will we use information about additional Clubmembers in the same way?

Mostly yes, though we won’t give information about Additional Clubmember to credit reporting agencies.


The law might require us to give someone your information

We might sometimes be legally required to give your personal information to someone.  For example, we might have to give it to the police, a court or a government agency (including a tax authority such as Inland Revenue) in New Zealand or overseas.  We'll only give out your information if we reasonably believe the person asking for it has the proper authority, or that we're required by law to provide it.  We’ll always try and give you notice beforehand unless we are prevented from doing this practically or by law (we may not be allowed to tell you that someone is asking for your information).  You agree to give us information if we ask you for it to help us (or another member of The Warehouse Group) comply with laws and treaties.


Can you check what information we hold about you, and correct any mistakes in it?

Yes.  If you're an individual, you have the right under the Privacy Act 1993 to see the personal information we hold about you. You can also ask us to correct any mistakes in it.  If you ask us to correct your information and we don’t (because we don't agree that it needs correction), you can ask us to include a note on your personal information saying that you asked for correction but it wasn't made.  The Privacy Act sets out a few exceptions to these rights.  Give us a call on 0800 346 377 if you have any questions about checking or correcting your information.


What we can tell credit reporting agencies about you, and what they'll do with that information

You agree that the information we give about you to credit reporting agencies may include: 

  • repayment history information (that is, whether or not you've made payments to us when they've been due),
  • your credit limits with us, 
  • whether any of your accounts with us are open or closed,
  • details of any overdue or dishonoured payment, and
  • your Driver Licence number.


It may also include any other information we hold about you or any account you have with us.  


Sharing this type of information is known as 'positive credit reporting', because it doesn't just cover any payments you've failed to make, but gives a more complete picture of your financial position.  


The credit reporting agency may hold on to this information and provide it to their customers as part of their credit reporting services (as permitted by the Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2004).  Their customers might include debt collectors, credit providers, potential landlords, employers or insurers.


If you want to know more about this, you can:

  • ask us which credit reporting agencies we use and how to get in touch with them, or
  • find out more about positive credit reporting on the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner's