Discover Global Network

  Diners Club International, proudly part of Discover Global Network

Diners Club New Zealand is part of the Discover Global Network - the third largest payments network in the world. By connecting Diners Club International, Discover, PULSE and a select group of alliance partners, billions of transactions are processed annually. Every day the payment needs of millions of loyal consumers, corporations and small business owners worldwide are served.


Key Benefits to Diners Club New Zealand merchants

  1. No setup or on-going administration fees.
  2. No monthly or annual fees.
  3. Acceptance means you can do business with affluent, travelling cardmembers - including: Discover card from the United States, Diners Club International and alliance partners from around the globe.
  4. Your account is managed by New Zealand based sales support team.
  5. Our point-of-sale materials are complimentary. Display our acceptance signage prominently so our cardmembers know they are welcome to spend with you.


Call us to join the global network  Join the global network today, call us on 0800 280 544 (Mon-Fri, 8am-4.30pm)